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How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Hair drug tests, sometimes called hair follicle drug tests or hair follicle tests, detect drug use by examining your hair follicles for the presence of certain drugs. They are typically conducted by professionals working in a laboratory.

There are three key ways to pass a hair drug test. First and foremost, stay away from drugs. Clearly, if you put no drugs in your body, passing this test will be a breeze. Else, you can wait until your body eliminates the drugs from your system. Problem is, you’re going to need at least 90 days after you quit for this to happen. And the bigger problem is, you usually don’t have that much time to prepare for a hair drug test. It is often required immediately, and waiting is hardly an option.

Using a hair detox product is the third thing you can do to “clean” your hair. This unique shampoo can go right into your hair strands and strip them of any traces of drugs that you may have consumed. Fortunately, there are lots of hair detox products available these days, though they aren’t all created equal. Before paying for any, take two things into account: instructions and cost.

A hair detox product will certainly demand a considerable amount of time and prepping, so it’s necessary to know more about it before applying it to your hair. You may need to keep the product on your hair for a particular number of minutes, mix it with another substance, or use it more than once.

Apart from the common instructions, some DIY methods require you to mix a certain product with something you will likely find in your own kitchen, such as white vinegar. Of course, if you want to be sure about the results, look for a scientifically proven product that has good reviews.

As far as cost is concerned, be aware that it won’t be cheap, considering that special ingredients and methods were used to create these products to make sure they actually work. Some will be cheaper, but again, if you want surefire results, be happy to pay a premium for a quality product.

Finally, to help you reach your goal, you can try the hair color/styling method. This technique works by damaging your hair’s cuticle and allowing the hair detox product work better as it penetrates the shaft. In fact, intensive styling is one of the things you have to do when following some of the most popular home detox methods found online. But of course, this can have damaging effects on your hair, so use your best judgment before choosing an approach that works for you.

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